Availability-Based Tariff (ABT) is a regime that came into effect to bring in grid discipline and move towards planned generation and demand. It is essentially a tariff structure for bulk power producers and consumers, to bring in more responsibility and accountability by way of incentives and disincentives.

At the core of this scheme is the UI charges which is essentially the charge levied on units of energy that are deviation from the schedule. These charges are levied on both bulk power producers and consumers based on the grid frequency. Penalties are levied if generating stations over-generate or under-generate as well as consumers who over-consume or under-consume based on declared ‘dayahead’ schedules.

The CS-ABTGenMon is a solution engineered for Generating Stations to monitor their power generation in real-time and provide online data on their UI charges.

Central Data Collection System
  • Online dashboard presenting view of generator-wise generation details and UI charges
  • Secure access: two levels of security provided (operator-level and administrator-level). ACL control for Operator and Administrator
  • Asset management: all details of meter and generator are configured – meter is associated with location ( with generator / feeder)
  • Scheduling: This provides an interface for the scheduled drawal and generation for each block on day-ahead basis – changes / modifications to the schedule are tracked. The final schedule can be mailed to SLDCs, etc.
  • 0.2s class ABT / SAMAST meter which comply to specifications released by CEA for ABT metering are supplied and installed.
  • Online monitoring: Comprehensive online data from meters are displayed with live data of relevant parameters. Live trending of parameters, current and previous block data presented. Implications in terms of shortfalls / excesses are also flagged and shown on the interface.
  • Alarms: Standard and custom alarm / notifications conditions can be defined and on occurrence, these conditions are visually depicted.
  • %3li>Reporting: Comprehensive reporting is provided – daily, weekly and monthly reports, UI reports, Band-wise UI reports, Incentive statement, Total export / import & plant load factor,etc. Custom reports can also be designed and extracted from the database.
  • Thermal and Hydro Power generating stations
  • Solar and Wind power plants
  • Private bulk power producers
ABT Generation Monitoring
ABT Generation Monitoring

CS-ABTGenMon is a packaged solution comprising of :

  • ABT / SAMAST compliant meters: ABT compliant meters (0.2s class accuracy ABT meters)are installed at various points from which generator / feeder data is required. The ABT meters capture all relevant ABT data and store the same in the meter.
  • ABT Server (with Database Server): The ABT System server periodically polls the meters to acquire instantaneous and blockdata. The acquired data is then processed and stored in the database. Client HMIs then query the database for retrieving online data as well as generating reports. The ABT server is also designed to function as a fault tolerant server – where 2 ABT servers are present on the network.
  • Client HMIs:These are front-end (FE) systems which access the User Interface of the ABT server. The UI provides and online dashboard of all live data from meters as well as a comprehensive reporting tool. Notifications / events relating to abnormal events are automatically generated and visually depicted on the UI. An interface to enter ‘day-ahead’ schedules is also provided.