AMR Automated Meter Reading Interface

AMR-Automated- Meter-Reading- Interface

Creative Micro Systems provide AMR Automated Meter Reading Interface in Bangalore. Automatic Meter Reading is commonly used when utility meters are read without the help of user intervention. An automatic Meter Reading device is a small computer which can be used by meter reader to record the reading from a meter. Those readings are then electronically transferred into our billing software. Our software allows the user to edit readings after importing data from handheld prior to calculation. There are several types of AMR solutions available to make meter reading and billing more accurate, more efficient. Automated Meter Reading prevents a user from manual meter readings and records the readings. The main components of an AMR system include Meter with a communications interface, a Data Collector and a Database. Some of the components are the Meter interface unit, Communication System, Central office system, Web self-service.


  • Automatic collection of data with specified intervals
  • Integration with web self-services as users can view on consumption, billing, etc
  • Monitoring of voltage, harmonics, and other power quality characteristics
  • On-demand electric meter reading and time of use based meter reading
  • Remote services for connection and disconnection