AMR Service Provider Bangalore

AMR-Service- Provider-Bangalore

Creative Micro Systems is a popular AMR Service Provider in Bangalore. Are you currently looking to obtain an accurate and cost-effective water delivery system? Are you looking for various options that are currently available?  At CMSGP, we provide one of the most popular solutions such as an automated meter reading device. Smart Metering Ami Solutions deliver accurate data. We can configure the data logging functions and notifications for outages to suit your needs. We deliver a reliable solution that is low power, cost-effective and integrates with our cloud services in order to allow data storage and advanced analysis. Automated meter reading services play a vital role for people who own apartments, condominiums complex, or several homes. While those who own more than one unit will consider it beneficial, individual homeowners will also realize the advantages of utilizing such a system.

Advantages of AMR

Companies and private consumers decide to opt for an automated meter reading service for several reasons.

  • Gives near real-time reading which is accurate and NOT estimated.
  • Perfects the billing process.
  • Tracks the water usage of all clients accurately.
  • Environmentally sensitive as it reduces water consumption and prevents the abuse of water usage.