Automated Meter Reading Device

Automated- Meter-Reading- Device

Creative Micro Systems are well-known manufacturers of Automated Meter Reading Device in Bangalore. Automatic meter reading is a technology that automatically collects consumption data from a water meter or energy metering device. This data is used for billing purposes in order to analyze usage and manage consumption and also to identify or resolve technical problems. There are three different forms of Automated Meter Reading Devices. These are Advanced meters which consist of a remote reading device connected to the meter. Data loggers are used for remote reading equipment provided by transporters on larger sites and Gas embedded meters where the remote reading device is integral to the meter. All of these different Automated Meter Reading Devices create a remote communication channel between a business and its energy supplier. Consumption information can be transmitted from an AMR device directly to the energy supplier, meaning manual meter readings are generally no longer required. The collection of this data ensures more accurate bills and also gives customers the option to analyze their energy usage data.


  • Highly accurate meter readings
  • Improved billing processes
  • Real-time data access
  • Continual data readings enable you to monitor where energy is being used at all times.