Remote Terminal Units

The Remote Terminal Unit, also known as the Remote Telemetry Unit is a device that monitors and controls field devices which connect to the main terminal of the plant which is also known as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Its main task is to maintain the flow of data from all terminals, define a protocol, and troubleshoot any problems in the field. A Remote Terminal Unit consists of several hardware modules such as a control processor, associated memory, analogue inputs, analogue inputs, counter inputs, and so forth. It converts the electronic signal received from the field devices into the communication protocol that is used to transmit the data. This device usually comes in the form of a switchboard with electrical signals running back and forth from the field devices. The power sector uses this device mainly to gather data from terminals which are in the field to monitor their performance and ensure it is in working condition. For the uninitiated, imagine an oil rig in the middle of the ocean or an electrical pole way up in the hills. Getting information from these units will be critical to ensure they are working at full capacity and in good working condition. With the help of a Remote Terminal Unit, this task becomes easy, economical and way more effective.

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