Our client is based in the US with an international footprint and a major player in the power sector worldwide. They approached us for providing a distribution transformer monitoring unit (DTMU) for monitoring distribution transformers located at the roadside or mounted on poles. This was for a major deployment in a sub-Saharan African country.

The unit (RTU1000) is primarily used to monitor critical parameters of the distribution transformer and communicate the same to a centrally located SCADA system over 3G networks. In addition, it provides digital control outputs for carrying out remote control operations. It is also equipped with a battery to support critical communication requirements in the absence of main power.

    We designed and developed the basic monitoring unit (RTU1000) comprising of 8 inputs, 4 outputs and a choice of using either a 4-channel Analog Input card or a 4-channel RTD card. The RTU1000 is also equipped with:

  • RS-485 port for communication with Modbus meters
  • LAN port which can be used for configuration and provide connectivity to a backhaul network
  • 3G Modem for connectivity to centrally located SCADA system

It supports IEC 60870-5-104 and / or DNP3 protocols for SCADA communications.

The unit is housed in a panel along with a meter and battery (& battery charger unit). The panel is of IP65 grade and capable of working in temperatures upto 80C.