The Central Data Collection System (CDCS) is an application software used by Electrical Transmission System Operators (TSO) for meter data acquisition, meter data validation, reporting and device management. It is centrally located at the TSO's Control Centre to collect meter data from DCUs deployed at each substation (SS). The DCUs poll and collate data from all the meters present in a substation and communicates it to the Control Centre over backhaul networks like fibre-optic, 4G, etc. All communication between the DCU and CDCS software is encrypted (using VPN).

Meter Data Acquisition
  • Periodic and on-demand data acquisition from meters in substation by DCU (Load Survey, Instantaeous, Billing and Tamper / events)
  • Compliant with all major Indian DLMS meter manufacturers
  • Operator alarms / events / notifications for:
    • Communication status change – DCUs / meters
    • Meter tamper / events
    • Power outage
  • Operator notifications (dashboard alerts) and field personnel notifications (via SMS/E-mail) for fault and faultcease condition
  • Dashboard for real-time communication status, data availability and diagnostics
Meter data processing
  • Meter data processed and validated against configured validation rules (covering zero consumption, spike checks, high/low intervals, etc)
  • Thresholding based alerts and notifications
  • Data anomales flagged and notified to Operator
  • Online data editing provided for correcting meter data – audit trail of corrections maintained
  • Time synchronisation of DCUs and meters (based on 'time drift')
  • Creation of 'Virtual meter groups' supported for collated data view
  • Data analysis and reporting (with trends, graphs, and other reports)
Meter Data Upload(Web Interface)
  • Web-based direct data upload by substation operators (in the event of communication failures).
  • Meter data encrypted and transferred
REST API - based interface for meter data
  • REST-API for external software entities access to meter data
  • 'Read-only' APIs – no permissions for active operations
  • For use by Outage Management System, Energy Accounting & Billing, etc
Reporting Server
  • Integrated reporting server
  • Automatic generation of daily / weekly / monthly reports
  • User-friendly interface provided custom reports
DCU Device Management
  • Registration
    • Registration process for DCUs with CDCS prior to data transfer
    • Unauthenticated devices prohibited from data exchange
  • Configuration and Firmware management
    • Supports remote configuration and firmware management
    • Complete audit trail for configuration changes and firmware updates maintained
    • Supports rollback of confguration change and firmware updates
  • Diagnostics
    • Periodic diagnostic information sent to CDCS from DCU
    • Operator alerted on significant events
    • Alert nofitications sent to field personnnel for suitable action