Creative Micro Systems has in-depth expertise in design, development and manufacturing of products catering to communication in Power Management. We provide an excellent value proposition to our clients with fastertime-to-market and enhanced capabilities for their products. The expertise is used for providing OEM modules to some of our clients for integration into their products to enhance it’s capabilities. A representative set of some of the products we are currently providing to our clients are:


The low-power module converts from proprietary meter protocol to Modbus-RTU. In addition, the module converts the various meter data from raw analog values to engineering values. It provides a Modbus-RTU slave interface to external entities.


The module is used in relays to convert from Modbus-RTU to IEC 60870-5-103. The module is equipped with an RTC for time stamping of data and can also set the time of the relay.


The module is used for field RTU applications where a limited number of IOs are required. It is equipped also with a LAN port and an RS-232 port. It functions as an IEC 60870-5-104 slave over the LAN port. It can gather data from multiple meters over the serial port (using Modbus protocol) and also provide it over IEC 60870-5-104.


The module polls and retrieves data from multiple meters over proprietary protocol. The data retrieved is typically load survey and instantaneous data. The load survey data is stored in files and communicated to the Control Centre at pre-configured periodic intervals