Data Concentrator Unit Using 3G

Data-Concentrator-Unit- Using-3G

Creative Micro Systems is the eminent manufacturer of Data Concentrator Unit Using 3G in Bangalore. Data Concentrator Unit Using 3G is usually installed in a substation. It is an intelligent device with built-in LPR modules to acquire data from Electronic Energy Meters. It has an in-built 2G 3G module that transmits data to the Data Acquisition Server Interfaced with Data Logger PC.

Why creative Micro Systems?

We have focused on delivering end to end solutions for automation in the power and utility space. We offer excellence in delivery capability to cover Hardware, Software, Networking, Maintenance and Support for core IT Infrastructure Development. Continuous R & D coupled with indigenous design has enabled us to obtain a national footprint with future-ready interoperable products. We offer real customer value by constantly developing new and innovative products as well as solutions that are technologically upgradable and tropicalized to suit Indian conditions. Our strong commitment to customer support makes it the number one choice as a single point IT service provider. We have experienced as well as dedicated manpower whose domain experience and expertise help produce world-class products for different application areas.