DCU With modem Integration

DCU-With- modem-Integration

Creative Micro Systems are well known DCU With modem Integration providers in Bangalore.CMSGP Product series is a range of high-performance data concentrators and communication devices which serve as ideal substation communication hub along with advanced features such as redundancy, robustness and security .The main purpose is to improve system stability and data reliability along with the integration of broadband cable communication part and PLC communication part within DCU. As technology is constantly growing, our team strive to make sure that our products are side by side with the changes in the domain and technology. Our products and solutions find applications in Electricity Generation, Electrical Transmission and Distribution, Renewable Energy Plants, Process Control and Automation, Smart Grid Solutions and IoT-based Application Environments. CMSGP offer the end-to-end product design, development, testing and certification support services.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple connectivity options which include Ethernet, multiple UARTs, USB, and SDIO
  • Robust processing power supports application functionality
  • Our products provide a cost-effective, easy-to-implement security solution which is critical for wireless communication
  • Non-volatile serial memory enables data logging