DCU DLMS Meter manufacturers

DCU-DLMS- Meter- manufacturers

Creative Micro Systems is the leading DCU DLMS Meter manufacturers in Bangalore.Data helps to generate various reports for proper load planning and monitoring which are required for effective energy management and distribution.Emergency message will be sent to sub-stations during malfunctioning of the meters. DCU will provide continuous online monitoring and logging of the following parameters such as Kilowatt-hour, Maximum Demand, UTC time. DCU is an intelligent device which gathers data from a group of connected smart meters without human intervention and uploads into the remote server over WAN.DCU HAS the capability to push energy meter data to the server system. DLMS stands for Distribution Line Message Specification. It is an application layer independent of the lower layers, designed to support messaging from distribution devices. DCU Meter which provides reliable & advanced smart meter solutions which avoids door-to-door meter reading


  • Easy implementation of your smart meter protocol
  • It offers Easy hardware integration with electricity smart meters
  • Provides Complete solution under one roof
  • It Support during pilots, submission to utility companies