DCU With Inbuilt Modem

DCU With Inbuilt Modem originally designed and developed by creative Micro Systems at its research and development center is located in Bangalore.DCU are identical system required the resource mainly for communication. It is the purpose of the literature to improve system stability and data reliability by means of integrating broadband cable or modem as a communication part. This system comes in the form of battery backup for 6 Hours of power failure and also packaged for an all weather operation. Creative Micro system products bear testimony to the fact that we understand needs on functionality, quality, and robustness. It is a rugged, compact, scalable and cost-effective product. It has an in-built modem GPRS protocol with intelligence in order to read data from multiple /types of meters. DCU with inbuilt modem acquires data from multiple energy meters that are installed in a substation. Then captured meter data are sent to a central server.

Key Features

  • Api is available for customer application developments
  • Support USB, LAN, RS232, RS485 and much more
  • Isolated RS232 and RS485 interfaces
  • Real-time clock
  • On-board SD Card for backup data storage