Creative Micro Systems is the best Energy Management Solution Providers India.In today’s world, energy consumption to save money and to reduce environmental impact became more vital. We help our customers in accomplishing their goals by offering best-in-class software which monitors and controls their energy usage with minimal additional hardware. Skilled analytics team and outstanding help desk support services combined to provide complete energy monitoring system. To keep ourselves updated in Current market trends and latest technologies, we established a sophisticated research and development department. With the support of this unit. we are able to manage the quality of existing products and also manufacture new products. We are equipped with advanced machinery and technologies which enable us to complete the large-scale orders of our clients within the predetermined time schedules. Our platform is a 100% customizable solution to address our customer’s needs. Our individualized approach will ensure that client will receive services which are customized to their needs, and also extensive playbook demonstrates exactly how we implement each point to our process to provide maximum energy savings.

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Some of Our Solutions Include

  • Reduce/Eliminate alarm noise
  • Prioritize critical issues
  • Improve FM workflow
  • Generate Energy Savings within HVAC, lighting and Schedule Management
  • Create a more centralized energy management approach