This cliched statement forms the need for an Energy Management System (EMS). The EMS primarily monitors and measures energy consumption at various locations within the office / plant / factory/premises, etc. The resulting reports on energy consumption provide insights into the distribution of consumption based on location, time-of-day, etc. With these reports and insights, the organisation / factory can take measures to increase the efficiency of energy utilisation and in turn reduce costs.

  • EMS software with in-built access control for certain menu options based on User category - ‘Administrator’/ ‘Operator’
  • Compatible with Modbus-RTU based meters from any manufacturer (subject to the meter providing all parameters collected by EMS)
  • Dashboard for online view of data from all locations on individual and collated basis
  • User notifications / alerts on events of significance like threshold crossing, meter communication failure, etc.
  • Grouping of meters supported - ‘virtual meters’ - for e.g. this can be used to ascertain a dept’s consumption from individual meters within the dept.
  • Comprehensive reporting – automated and on-demand and in different formats – CSV, PDF, etc.
  • Customization also done for dashboard and reports based on customer needs.
  • Building management and monitoring systems
  • Industrial (factories/plants) and commercial sub-metering applications
  • Entities engaged in ‘Green energy’ initiatives – carbon credits, ISO / Green building, etc
Energy Management System

Our solution - CS-EMS provides a platform for measurement of energy consumption to gain deep insights into it’s usage and in turn provide the organization / factory with the required information to improve the efficiency of consumption.

CMS-EMS is a system that comprises of the following components:

  • Meters - (0.5 / 0.2s class meter): These gather the typical electrical parameters from a nodal point in the factory / office / plant / premises, etc that requires measurement –for e.g. an input to a department, or dept lighting / AC circuit, etc. Apart from energy consumption other details relating to power quality, online power, maximum demand, etc are all gathered. These meters communicate with the Gateway device over Modbus protocol.
  • Gateway Device: This device polls all the meters in the network and gathers data for onward communication to the EMS software. It has an optional storage and 4G modem module.
  • EMS software:This software provides the end-User with all the required features for monitoring energy consumption and reporting. Some of the key features of this software are:
    • Multi-user login with in-built access control to certain menu options for Operators& Administrators
    • Online dashboard displaying live values and trends of key parameters relating to consumption – SLD view can also provided (if required).
    • View of each location’s (metering point) key parameters and trends
    • Grouping of locations for ‘virtual metering’
    • Alerts for reporting events of importance / significance for e.g. threshold crossing, communication failure, etc.
    • Threshold settings for detecting abnormal conditions
    • SMS / Email as additional mechanisms for event notifications
    • Comprehensive reporting – automated and on-demand – providing insights into consumption with outputs in CSV, PDF, etc. TOD / shift wise reporting also provided event notifications.
    • Comprehensive reporting – automated and on-demand – providing greater visibility and awareness into energy consumption.