Creative Micro Systems is the best Real Time Energy Monitoring system providers in India.Energy Management is very essential in life and taken all the necessary steps to save energy. We can implement energy management systems,When it is necessary to save energy around us. With an real time energy monitoring system, users can see how much gas, water and electricity being consumed and how much power solar panels are generating. Reports based on user needs can be created with ease to track usage patterns. We provides timely and actionable insights which makes your electricity usage easy to understand. If we know how much energy consumption daily and when we are using it, we respond better to that usage and take control of costs. Before using smart home systems, energy monitoring mostly meant scanning your electricity bill each and every month and tells us to shut off the lights. New technology makes the process much easier. We provide an excellent quality range of Energy Meter that are made using high grade quality raw materials to our customer.

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  • Exceeds the maximum power
  • Automatically switch off the electricity
  • Prevent long-term