Ethernet To Serial Converter Bangalore Creative Micro Systems offers Ethernet To Serial Converter Bangalore. If person needs to communicate with one or two remote serial RS232, RS485 or RS422 devices over an Ethernet network then this will play a vital role there. It allows to communicate with two serial devices at a time, which can be either be two RS232 ports or one RS485 / RS422 port and one RS232 port. Creative Micro Systems have high-performance in order to meet connectivity and conversion challenges. We design our products which are known for their longer service life, smooth design and high efficiency. We are leading Ethernet Device Server Manufacturers also. Designed Products have major applications in various industrial activities followed by its unique feature. our Ethernet serial converter delivers versatility, value and industry-leading technology platforms. Ethernet to serial converter has a basic, advanced functions and configurable parameters to configure through any standard web browser. Ethernet to serial converter can be used for most general commercial and industrial purposes.

Creative Micro Systems offers Ethernet To Serial Converter Bangalore

Ethernet To Serial Converter, sometimes referred to as Ethernet to RS232 or Ethernet to Serial, is a device that converts an Ethernet data stream into a serial signal that can be used on standard RS232-enabled devices in order to transmit data. It is commonly used as a way to connect legacy devices (such as printers) with newer computers that have built-in ports. Since most modern PCs and laptops have at least one serial port, this type of device gives users the ability to connect legacy equipment without having to purchase additional adapters.

As more and more of our everyday technology becomes wireless, it's important to keep in mind that not all wireless signals are created equal. The way radio waves travel through air and into your living space can vary greatly depending on your environment. In fact, there are even differences between different bands of radio waves, like 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This means that when you're using a wireless device near your home or office, you can experience interference from other devices. converter allows you to use old-school cables in situations where they're no longer practical or safe, such as while traveling or working in an area with a bad signal strength.

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  • Remote Telemetry
  • Security and camera control
  • CNC machines
  • Lighting control
  • Legacy serial interface printers