Creative Micro Systems is the eminent manufacturer of GPRS modem in Bangalore .A GPRS modem is a GSM modem with additional support for GPRS technology for data transmission.GPRS which stands for General Packet Radio Service. GSM modem is a wireless modem which works with GSM networks. An advantage of GPRS is that GPRS has a higher data transmission speed when compared to GSM. We also manufacture RTU GPRS Modem India. GPRS can be used as the holder of SMS. If SMS over GPRS Modem is used, an SMS transmission speed of about 30 SMS messages per minute may be achieved. This is much faster than using the ordinary SMS over GSM, whose SMS transmission speed is about 6 to 10 SMS messages per minute. A GPRS modem is needed to send and receive SMS over GPRS.

GPRS modem suppliers in Bangalore

We are a leading manufacturer of GPRS modem in India and other communication related products. We have a team of engineers and research personnel who work day and night to make sure our products are of high quality. We have been in this industry and have successfully managed to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable manufacturers and service providers. We guarantee that all our products are made with high-quality raw materials at all times so that they will serve their purpose without any delays. Our products are also certified by official regulatory bodies, so you can be sure that they conform to set standards.

How Does GPRS Work?

GPRS uses this idle radio capacity to establish a data network to be used for data transmission. If a network provider’s idle radio capacity decreases, which means a lot of phone calls are being serviced, data transmission and speed decreases as well. Cell phone calls have a much more priority when compared to Internet data transmission used in cell phone network providers.

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