IEC 101 to 104 converter suppliers in India

Creative Micro Systems is well known for IEC 101 to 104 converter suppliers in India. Our products designed for smart grid application focus on RS SCADA – real-time monitoring and control of transmission and distribution of substation equipment. Starting from, intelligent electronic device to a wide range of process equipment RS SCADA easily gets data through different procedure/protocols and acquires data in real-time of different devices through different communication protocols. Ethernet, GPRS and EDGE network interfaces; it provides a seamless communication solution for most of the applications.

CMSGP is a most trusted IEC 101 to 104 converter suppliers in India. We ensure the safe and correct operation of your system by offering you simplified architecture to configure your application that includes:

Industrial 3G Router Suppliers


  • Ethernet and wireless network (GPRS/EDGE) interfaces
  • Secure communication with internal VPN and firewall
  • MOI static IP addressing with Viola M2M Gateway
  • Self-diagnostics for communication and for the device itself
  • Packet compression for slow-speed links
  • DIN rail mounting option