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About Creative Micro Systems

Creative Micro Systems (CMS) has been in the business of providing communication and connectivity solutions to the Power Sector for over 20 years. Our products bear testimony to the fact that we understand the needs on functionality, quality and robustness. As technology is constantly evolving, our team strives to ensure that our products are abreast with the changes in the domain and technology.

Our products and solutions find applications in :
Power Generation
Remote monitoring
Renewable Energy Plants
Smart grid applications
IoT applications
Electricity Transmission and Distribution
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ABT Generation Monitoring

Availability-Based Tariff (ABT) is a regime that came into effect to bring in grid discipline and move towards planned generation and demand.

Central Data Collection System

The Central Data Collection System (CDCS) is an application software used by Electrical (TSO) for meter data acquisition and device management.

Energy Management System

This cliched statement forms the need for an EMS.The EMS primarily monitors and measures energy consumption at various locations.

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