Industrial 3G Router Suppliers

Industrial-3G- Router-Suppliers Creative Micro System is eminent Industrial 3G Router Suppliers in Bangalore. Industrial wireless 3g router is a high-performance, upgradeable, industrial-grade 3G cellular router which allows PC’s, laptops, web-cams, and other Ethernet-based devices to concurrently utilizes a single cellular data account for primary or backup connectivity.Industrial 3G router is mainly applied for data transmission of industrial users and also support transparent data transmission, picture transmission , equipment monitoring and wireless router internet functions.Industrial 3g routers plays a important role in many fields like Electronics,Oil industry, Mineral, Finance, Communication, Public security, Heating, Industrial control, Meteorology, , local council and so on .

Industrial Cellular 3G Router Bangalore
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  • Adopt high grade industrial wireless module
  • Support 2G,3G
  • Adopt metal case IP30 protection grade.
  • Wide voltage and current input:DC6-35V/3A
  • SMS control dialing, offline and restart function
  • Support different types of DDNS service.
  • Port mapping, DMZ host function.