Industrial Grade Modem Network

Industrial-Grade Modem Network Creative Micro Systems is well known Industrial Grade Modem Network provider in Bangalore.It is the most adaptable model for dial up or leased analog telephone line interconnect. Industrial Grade Modem Network is a leader in remote wireless monitoring and also supplier of proprietary wired and wireless data-communications solutions for utility, transportation and other industrial automation applications. Industrial Grade Modem Network can offer up to 56K dial up. They are temperature tested, rugged modems which are designed only for Industrial applications. They are directly connected to traffic controllers, variable message signs or any number or other applications.

Special about our product

They communicate at the level of 300bps to 56Kbps over analog telephone lines.with extra additional features and extra versatility which make it ideal for industrial local or remote unattended operation. Special attention need to be paid to ensure that modem restarts reliably in the event of power interruption or internal malfunction. The modem incorporates the latest generation digital signal processor which enables new features to be soft-up-loadable when they become available.