Meter data acquisition is critical to determining consumption and baseline data. However, as the meters can be geographically dispersed over a large area, meter communication infrastructure is a core part of this total system.CMS provides MDAS with a comprehensive communication infrastructure for data acquisition from various meters. The options for the communication infrastructure are GPRS, CDMA or PSTN. CMS provides the entire suite of products (modems, gateways, data concentrators, front-end processors, etc) for acquiring the data from various meters.

system architecture

Meter data acquisition is the core part of establishing baseline data for any analysis in the electrical network. CMS offers Meter Data Acquisition Systems (MDAS) based on wired and wireless communication frameworks. The wireless communication options offered are GPRS or CDMA. CS-MDAS comprises of the following elements:

  • Serial-to-WL (GPRS / CDMA) gateway: these are connected to the meter and offer a transparent channel to the meter to obtain data over GPRS / CDMA networks. It is independent of the protocol of the meter.
  • LAN-to-WL (GPRS / CDMA) gateway: there are connected to meters over LAN (provided the meter has a LAN port) and are similar in functionality to the Serial-to-WL gateways. The offer a transparent channel to the meter and also also protocol independent.
  • FEP (front-end processor): this system establishes connectivity with all meters over the wireless network(GPRS/CDMA) via the Serial-to-WL or LAN-to-WL gateways. A transparent channel is provided to communicate with each of the meters. Each meter is provided with unique IP address for communication. The FEP handles all dynamic IP address issue of the respective gateways.
  • Data Concentrator Unit: this system functions as a data collation device. Multiple (Modbus-RTU based) meters can be connected to this device. The device continuously polls the meters to obtain the latest data. The data is collated and available in continguous locations for each access and retrieval by the MDAS system. This system is primarily used in MDAS systems where more number of meters are present and wherein the communication with the meter is over wired links.
  • MDAS Server: The MDAS server collects the data from the various meters and stores the data in a database. The data is then available for other servers or can also be accessed over OPC if required.
  • Client HMIs: these provide live meter data as well as interfaces for generating various reports – this part of the system is customisable to suit each customer’s requirements.