Mini RTU providers in India

CMSGP is one of the best Mini RTU providers in India. Our Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is an ideal solution for factory automation, environmental monitoring and remote device management for an industry solution. Mini RTU system is designed to meet the present day utility and industry demands. On the platform of internationally approved hardware and software, the RTU is built that gives the necessary ruggedness and improves the multi-tasking and real-time data handling capability.

Mini RTU provides the ability to develop custom applications along with intrusion protection and secure data access. It also saves money by customizing to an operating environment that can easily add C program logic to emulate RTU capabilities without adding additional PLC or RTU devices.

Mini RTU saves time by minimizing configuration changes natively addressing Modbus devices using station id numbers. We are regarded as best mini RTU providers in India. Save your money with no additional Modbus gateway required and automatically forward Modbus TCP or UDP messages based on station number.

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