Monitoring IoT Devices

The Internet of Things, more commonly known as IoT, is revolutionising the way we work and live. IoT is basically a system of computing devices that are provided with a unique ID and have the ability to transfer data over a network without the intervention of any human being. IoT devices produce a number of data such as telemetry, metadata, state, command and responses which can be used for long-term analytics and model building. To make this simple, it is a network of devices that has computing capability of some measure. With IoT involved, these devices can perform the task they are made for without any external help. While this is without a doubt a good feature that can save our time and energy. However, we still need to monitor such un-manned devices from time to time to avoid misuse and theft. Businesses using computing devices used various monitoring systems such as security systems, performance, and usage tracking. Businesses can use an automated monitoring tool to keep a check on their systems without having to deploy a team which is costly and impractical. Such automated monitoring tools can set performance expectations and can raise an alarm in case the limit is breached. This way the IT team can work on other tasks without spending their time watching over the IoT devices.

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