IEC 101 To 104 Protocol Converter

IEC-101-To-104- Protocol-Converter

Creative Micro Systems manufacture IEC 101 To 104 Protocol Converter in Bangalore. IEC 101 To 104 Protocol Converter is the international standard which defines both hardware and communication requirements for all devices within substation Automation. This IEC gateway enables communication between the Intelligent Electronic Devices on an IEC-101 to 104 protocol network and Programmable Logic Controllers on a Modbus TCP/IP network. This gateway application which includes substation automation, load shedding and advanced SCADA data collection. This gateway enables a SCADA control system on a Modbus TCP/IP network in order to collect, monitor, trend and also control granular real-time data from IEC 101 to 104 protocol IEDs at the process level, the bay levels and at the substation automation level.


  • Move data between dissimilar networks with the use of two communication protocols on one gateway
  • Protocols will share access to a common memory database in order to exchange data between networks
  • View diagnostic data for both networks from a single configuration port
  • Advanced Event Buffer report controls which allows better network data bandwidth utilization
  • Individually configurable serial application port
  • Supports IEC 60870-5-101 Master specification: balanced/unbalanced mode, 16 sessions/5 sectors per session, time stamping