Creative Micro Systems is eminent RAPDRP Modem Suppliers in Bangalore. RAPDRP stands for Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme. Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme started in 2008 is a revised version of the Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme(APDRP Modem). R-APDRP is for urban areas- towns and cities. The main focus of R-APDRP is on actual, demonstrable performance in terms of sustained loss reduction. R-APDRP is a solution-based device for automatic energy meter reading which is optimized to the highest degree.With the help of R-APDRP, we can view remote energy meters as part of company’s internal network.It retrieves all the meter data, stores it locally and sends to AMR Server. Some of the salient features of R-APDRP are Compatible with various standard existing meters and protocols, Inbuilt three-phase power supply, ThinVPN for security. Some of the specification which we provide are Rx Sensitivity 109 dBm, Max BR 85.6 Kbps, SIM 3.0V, STK 3.1, Max. Baud Rate: 9600 bits/sec.We are named as best RAPDRP Modem Suppliers in Bangalore.

Rapdrp Intelligent Modem Suppliers at Best Price in Bangalore

RAPDRP is a central government initiative to promote renewable energy and reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels. RAPDRP aims to restructure India’s power sector, transforming it into a low-carbon, self-reliant economy by 2030. The programme aims to bring about an ecosystem shift in the way India generates, distributes and consumes electricity. It includes setting up of ‘smart grid’ infrastructure, promoting electric vehicle adoption and increasing efficiency in energy use through better monitoring and control systems.

The RAPDRP programme has several aims – to increase power generation capacity from renewable sources to 175 Gigawatts (GW) by 2022; to increase access to electricity to all by 2022; and to reduce CO2 emissions from thermal power generation by 63 million tonnes (MMT) by 2022, equivalent to taking every passenger car off the road for a year. The programme is supported by many stakeholders, including the government of India, non-governmental organizations, private entities and businesses. These stakeholders have come together under the umbrella of RAPRD (the RAPDRP Stakeholder Forum).

Data Concentrator Unit GPRS network

Product description

  • Customised to specific utility demands
  • Compatible with various standard existing meters, directly interfaced
  • Compliant with future protocols, e.g. DLMS/COSEM
  • On the air configuration
  • Automatic GPRS connection (no AT commands required) and watchdog for reliable communication
  • Automatic TCP or UDP socket connection

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