Creative Micro Systems are one of the trusted companies in this business and are best RTU GPRS Exporters in Bangalore. RTU GPRS Modem is widely used for data transmission over a GPRS network. Our products in the current industry have best performance and are prices are cost-effective. RTU GPRS can be used in various application fields in order to transfer the Modbus device’s data by GPRS within a defined period.These data are stored in the SD card to become a remote data logger.These Products are available for use in the market with various specifications, in order to match with the wide range of requirements of our customers. This is suitable for transmission of analog signals over a suitable area. We are into the company where cutting-edge technology and other excellent engineering combine into the development of quality Modem and Wireless Products for the benefit of our customers. Our goal is to provide long-term value for customers through substantial dedication to excellence and also expertise, which together bring substantive competitive edge in the Indian market places.

rtu gprs exporters company in bangalore

A GPRS or General Packet Radio Service is an Internet-based packet-switched network technology that allows mobile phones to connect to the Internet. It is one of the most common technologies used in data transmission. The GPRS modem connects a mobile phone to a GPRS network and allows data transmission over the network. It is widely used for data transmission over a GPRS network. It is also called a soft modem, because it uses software (software) rather than hardware, as with a hard modem. A hard modem uses hardware to convert digital data into analog signals, which are then transmitted through an analog telephone line. Soft modems use software to accomplish the same task.

There are many different types of GPRS Modems available today, some of which are compatible with specific mobile phone models and others that can be used with any device. All have certain features in common, including:
Internet connection: The modem must have an Internet connection so it can transmit data over the Internet.
Data transfer rate: The modem must have enough bandwidth to handle data transfer rates of up to 384 kilobits per second (kbps).

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