Creative Micro Systems are well knownRTU With GPRS Manufacturers in Bangalore. We have been in business to provide communication and also connectivity solutions to Power Sector for more than 20 years. Wireless GPRS communication that requires GPRS enabled RTUs loggers which have built-in modems, backend server and also front-end web based application or SCADA software application. At Creative Micro Systems you get everything under one roof.Many customers return back to us due to the quality of products are manufactured and exported by us.There are many ways like some customer use our public server or install their own private server.RTU is an intelligent Active GPRS Remote Terminal Unit which is built-in the specific company. It is designed mainly to communicate with Modbus RTU devices and also provides active data transmission via GPRS connection. We also provide M2M RTU center software with the friendly Graphic interface in order to manage GPRS RTU products easily .We are named as best RTU GPRS suppliers.

RTU With GPRS Manufacturers and suppliers in Bangalore

GPRS is a wireless technology used by mobile carriers to provide high-speed Internet access to customers. It is also known as Global System for Mobile Communications and can be used to send texts, make phone calls, and browse the web. The price of It depends on the amount of data the customer uses. It is important to know the data limits imposed by your mobile carrier before signing up for GPRS service and to carefully check your usage once you have it. It offers a great way to reduce dependence on Wi-Fi, but it’s not always reliable. When a connection isn’t available, latency (the time it takes for a request to be sent) increases and slows down overall performance. You should also consider how long a connection will be maintained when using GPRS over long distances or in crowded areas like airports and train stations.

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Our Products have specific features, Some of them are

  • 1 x Utility port for Configuration Built-in Watch-dog Function
  • Power Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Power supply +10 VDC ~ +30 VDC
  • DIN-Rail mountable

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