Wireless RTU suppliers in India

Wireless RTU suppliers in India: Do you need a full-featured wireless Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)for environmental or industrial measurement? Wireless Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) stands as one of the most scalable platforms in the industry with a large option of data connectivity for the diverse requirement, enabling scalable telemetry, automation, and communication network on open Protocols. It is suitable for power utility application like substation automation and feeder control.

CMSGP, renowned as one of the largest Wireless Wireless RTU suppliers in India is equipped with a built-in GSM/GPRS modem, featuring extensive control and communications capabilities. This RTU device is ideal for monitoring applications that require advanced functionality. CMSGP Wireless RTU includes Battery life up to 10 years which will have the capacity of an external sensor excitation option of SMS Messaging and will perform data processing and controls communications through the internal wireless modem and multiple excitation options for powering transducers.

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