Creative Micro System is the popular Feeder RTU GPRS Manufacturers in Bangalore. Feeder RTU GPRS is designed to meet the present day utility and industry demands. The FRTU GPRS is built on Internationally well proven hardware and software platform. we are in the business of providing communication and connectivity solutions to the Power Sector for over 20 years. With the constant effort by our dedicated team, which is always curious and looking forward for new innovation in this sector, we have been very successful in providing cost effective and robust solutions.Our products find applications in major areas like Electricity Generation,Electrical Transmission and Distribution,Renewable Energy Plants,Process Control and Automation,Smart Grid Solutions and IoT-based Application Environments. The standard hardware platform gives the necessary ruggedness and RTOS provides the multi-tasking and Real-Time data handling capability.we has designed a universal FRTU Test System that is a user configurable system to map the device under test configuration to the ATE test software. Once this is done, the system will be able to seamlessly execute test procedures in the defined sequence.

Feeder RTU GPRS Manufacturers in Bangalore

Feeder RTU GPRS is a GPRS carrier that delivers power to the feeder of a local network. It is typically used to power sub-meters in rural areas and is often installed as part of a low-voltage distribution system. It can save up to 30% on energy consumption by reducing the number of sub-meters that need to be powered by a centralized source. When installing it in your network, it is important to keep in mind the following points:
Length: The length of the feeder will determine how far you have to carry the voltage from the centralized source to where it needs to go.
capacity, more reliable power supply.

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