RTU Design & Manufacturing Company

Creative Micro Systems is the pre-eminent RTU Design & Manufacturing Company in Bangalore.RTU works mainly on public GSM/GPRS cellular network. This GSM/GPRS RTU enables different kinds of legacy devices with different communication port to communicate with GPRS network and the Internet easily.RTUs will combine some of the feature of rich functionalities for automation applications which includes data logging, custom programming and also communications gateway. RTU Design and Manufacturing Company combine robust features with non-proprietary industry standards and an open Linux operating system for a scalable RTU which can take place of several disparate pieces of hardware. RTU is ideal solution for factory automation,environmental monitoring and also remote device management.Due to its fully electric-isolated physical interfaces it is of reliable performance, comprehensive functions and high cost performance. RTU Design and exporting company play a major role in the field of petrochemical industry, farmland, electric power, water supply, atmospheric environment and municipal administration etc.

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  • Wireless Radio Options
  • GPS Accuracy – < 2m: 50%, < 4m: 90%
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Management & Reporting
  • Supported Range: 8-30 V DC,Nominal: 8 and 24 V DC
  • Operating temperature: -40 oC to 85 oC