Creative Micro Systems is now offering the serial to Ethernet converters in Bangalore. A serial to Ethernet converter is a small electronic device that can convert Ethernet IP/TCP packets to either RS232, RS422or RS485 serial data signals and vice versa. It is also sometimes called a serial device server, and this device comes in several shapes and sizes.

Serial to Ethernet converters can be used to convert a serial data stream (such as RS232, RS422, or RS485) into an Ethernet data packet. They are generally seen in the industrial automation, process control and SCADA markets. Converters can also be used to convert Ethernet data packets into serial signals.Many different types of serial to Ethernet converters exist; some may send and receive only one type of signal while others may send and/or receive multiple types. Some converter designs are also designed to support bi-directional communications between serial and Ethernet data streams.

Converters typically work by converting the digital serial signal into an analog signal that can then be transmitted over an existing network cable. Converters may also convert the analog signal to digital form before sending it over the network cable. The digital signal is then converted back into an analog signal for reception at the other end of the cable. Converters are generally passive devices that do not require power to operate. However, they may draw power from their associated device when transmitting or receiving data via its associated port. Because of these potential power draws, it is important to ensure that the converter will not cause interference with any nearby electrical devices (such as cameras or motion sensors).

How serial to Ethernet converters works?

Generally, these serial to Ethernet convertersare used for connecting a serial RS232, RS422or RS485 device like a GPS, bar-code scanner, serial printer, scale, sensor or any other consumer or industrial serial device with a serial interface or printer to a computer over a LAN network. The benefit of this can be obvious, you will be able to control, monitor and communicate along with your serial device remotely from a central computer. You no need to walk all the way down to the other end of the factory to check your serial device. Before you start using the Ethernet converter you need to install driver software on your computer.

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