Distribution Transformer Monitoring For Smart Grid

Distribution- Transformer- Monitoring-For- Smart-Grid

Creative Micro Systems offers Distribution Transformer Monitoring For Smart Grid in Bangalore. Distribution Transformer Monitoring is a reliable solution which offers the monitoring, the centralized diagnosis of the alarms and the immediate dispatch of the electrical, non-electrical parameters. Distribution Transformer Monitoring is very important in order to improve network efficiency and reliability then reduce the frequency and duration of failures which helps to improve restoration time and also reduce operational costs. Smart Grid is a form of electrical grid which includes a variety of operational and energy measures such as smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources. Distribution Transformer Monitoring is the process of gaining and processing of data which is related to various parameters of transformers so as to predict and prevent the failure of a transformer.


  • Asset Safety
  • Reduce Risks/Liability
  • Real-time alerts of potential failures
  • Reduces downtime cost with predictive maintenance
  • Allow for preventive maintenance to create planned (vs. unplanned) outages
  • Accelerate restoration via last-gasp capability