Distribution Transformer Monitoring Unit

Distribution- Transformer- Monitoring-Unit

Creative Micro Systems is the eminent Distribution Transformer Monitoring Unit providers in India. The aim of distribution transformer which helps to reduce the primary voltage of the electric distribution system based on utilization voltage serving the customer. A distribution transformer is a static device which is constructed using two or more windings helps to transfer alternating current electric power by electromagnetic induction from one circuit to another at the same frequency but with different values of voltage and current.Many companies are implementing or have plans to implement the smart metering solution. It improves the visibility of the low voltage network and helps a utility company to utilize the power network. So by using CMSGP it is very easy to monitor the number of a transformer, there is no need to monitor every transformer from the side. Using CMSGP it is very easy to collect online data from the system.


  • It Improves visibility of the low voltage power network and also helps utility companies in order to deliver high-quality electricity to customers.
  • It decreases outage duration. If there is a collapse in one transformer, it normally replaces within a period of 12-24 hours.
  • It utilizes useful information from the transformer monitoring system and make decisions about distribution network planning