Transformer Monitoring Using Gsm

Transformer- Monitoring-Using- Gsm

Creative Micro Systems manufactures Transformer Monitoring Using Gsm in Bangalore. GSM Modem is a special type of Modem which accepts Sim card and works under mobile operator like mobile phone.GSM Modem defines modem which supports one or more of protocol in GSM. To monitor the working of Transformer Monitoring Using Gsm,We developed latest technologies. It receives the signal from wireless device Transreceiver and sends those Signals through GPRS enabled SIM to Central Server. The user can login from User End Application Software from his PC to monitor his remote Systems transformer monitoring.It depends on voltage levels and end users, there are distribution substations which supply electrical power to various loads. Remote monitoring and control make these substations works through wireless communication technologies like GSM, GPRS, Ethernet.


  • Measuring & statistical functions
  • Fan & pump control of transformer
  • Remote temperature indications for winding and top oil
  • Recording of accumulated use of life of transformer
  • Direct resistance input for tap charger penmen indicator
  • 12 binary outputs